Odd or Even Bingo Paper


Our pre-dabbed Super Odd & Even Bingo paper is designed with a purpose to increase sales and excitement.


This custom premarked Odd or Even Bingo Paper is a time saver.

When you use this Odd or Even Bingo Paper you will no longer have to wait for players to mark their odd or even numbers.

We designed these cards so that the quantity of pre-dabbed numbers is much more “balanced” than ordinary random number bingo paper. All players have a similar quantity of pre-dabbed numbers eliminating cards with a huge advantage over others resulting in these benefits:

  • All players are more close to bingo creating more excitement.
  • The game speeds up overall session play since the odd or even numbers do not need to be dabbed.
  • Extra sales increase because the players can purchase additional sheets immediately prior to the game without having to dab several numbers before the caller begins announcing numbers.

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