Bingo Event Tickets

A Bingo Event Ticket is a pull tab or breakopen game with instant winners AND special tickets that the players keep or hold until the entire deal is sold. Bingo Event Tickets

The “Keepers” or “Hold Tickets” are played as a separate game within the game and provides players an opportunity to win additional prizes. Deals typically contain 150 – 1600 tickets and several may be sold during a session of bingo. The face of the ticket says “hold all numbers 1-75, Down Row, or Dab Tickets for a chance at $$$$.” Prizes for the hold tickets vary but may be any amount from $75 – $1000 depending on local laws and regulations. The winners are determined by three different methods and many Event Tickets contain one or more of the following methods on the same ticket.

Flashboard Games

The hold tickets in Flashboard style games are simply the numbers 1 – 75 underneath the windows of the pull tab. The numbers may also appear as a bingo ball. There may be 75 tickets with a single number or ball on each ticket or multiple numbers may appear on the same ticket (25 tickets with 3 balls on a ticket). Once the entire deal is sold, the next bingo paper game or special is announced as the Flashboard Game (name of game). The player whose bingo number (hold ticket) matches the last number called on the bingo paper game being played, wins a prize amount printed on the face of the ticket.

The number of hold ticket prizes (winners) may be increased by offering different colored bingo numbers or balls, ie., a winner for each different color. For example, a ticket may contain red, white, and blue balls which allows for 3 different sets of 75 numbers and 3 different winners within the deal. Some Event Tickets may also use a “Cry Number” or the next number after the last ball called to increase the number of winners. This will be identified as a different color and have the words cry number in the window of the tab.

Dab Games

The hold tickets in Dab Style Event Tickets contain any where from 3 – 9 numbers or bingo balls in the the windows of the breakopen ticket. These numbers are dabbed like an ordinary game of bingo. Some dab games contain instant winners and only a percentage of the tickets contain numbers to dab. Other dab games are available where every ticket contains numbers to dab. Once the entire deal is sold, the caller will announce that the next set of numbers called are for the dab game (name of game). Like the flashboard game above, different groups or colors of numbers can be offered to create multiple winners of identical or different prize amounts.

Downline Games (Horse Race)

Downline winners are determined by the vertical rows (1 – 15) on the flashboard. For example, every number below #1 on the flashboard is Downline #1. The downline may be represented (in the windows) by only the numbers 1 through 15 or the entire set of numbers: 1, 16, 31, 46, 61. The caller will announce numbers (during a paper game)until all the numbers in a downline are called. The player that has the hold ticket with the first down line completed (with all the numbers called) wins the prize offered on the face of the ticket.