How to Startup Bar Bingo in Arizona

How to Startup Bar Bingo in Arizona

Money Tree Form # 379M

“Bar Bingo” – Arizona Style

Bar Bingo is a unique type of bingo game played in the private clubs of Veteran, Fraternal or Benevolent organizations.

The most convenient and profitable method of play has proven to be playing 10 or more games on Dab Tickets that resemble a pull tab with bingo numbers printed on the cards. These disposable bingo cards are small, relatively inexpensive and easily sold and stored. Dab Tickets are extremely convenient for players due to their size and can be carried in the palm of their hand or a shirt pocket. This allows for play anywhere in the bar area. Bar Bingo can be operated with as few as 3 or 4 volunteers.

Organizational profits can be reasonably set at 30%, 40% or even 50% of sales. Increased attendance results in significantly greater bar sales and food sales if applicable. Member participation and camaraderie is greatly enhanced as well.


Tips for Starting a Bar Bingo

  • A bingo License is required and only qualified or charitable organizations can conduct a Bar Bingo.
  • In Arizona, contact the Arizona Department of Revenue-Bingo Section for a copy of the state statutes, administrative code and license application. Check on the legality if you are located in other states as some prohibit the conduct of Bingo where alcohol is sold.
  • A dedicated Bingo checking account is required.
  • Equipment required for a successful Bar Bingo game.
  • Electric Table Top bingo blower or manual roll cage.
    Money Tree Form # 379M

    Money Tree Form # 379M

    • Flashboard (number display board): optional
    • Dab Tickets: a variety of 8-10 different games.
    • Ink markers or crayons for players to mark their cards.
    • Drawing tickets if you intend to offer door prizes.fdsfadfs
  • Establish the Volunteers needed to operate the game.
    • Bingo Manager: Person responsible for the overall management.
    • Supervisor: Assumes a back-up role to the manager and must be present if the manager is not available.
    • Proceeds Coordinator: Responsible for all proceeds and record keeping.
    • Caller: Operates the blower/cage and announces the numbers drawn.
    • Floor Clerks (sellers): Also verifies the winner by calling back the numbers on the winning card to the caller.
  • Create a printed program or guide for the players listing the name of each game played in order.
  • Develop a set of House Rules to be posted in the bar.

Set up an initial “bank” for cash on hand to pay prizes. Some states require that certain prizes be paid by check. Record keeping is critical for all gross receipts, prizes paid and allowable expenses since taxes are imposed on most Bingo Proceeds.

  • Maintain records and copies for each of the following:
    • All invoices
    • Attendance
    • Gross sales per game by name, form number and serial number.
    • Prizes paid per game by name, form number and serial number.
    • Record any miscellaneous sales of related supplies such as ink markers.