Dual Dab Bingo Paper

With Dual Dab Bingo Paper, create new excitement during your Early Bird, Matinee and Night Owl sessions or special games!



Dual Dab is the most popular specialty game in the industry.

Daubing one of the two numbers in each square validates that square.  Double the action twice the fun. Dual Dab Bingo Paper is now available in a full 6,000 series! With each bingo ball called you have 2 chances to dab and win!


Dual Dab Bingo Paper Features

  • Bingo players have two chances to dab each square so the game will play faster.
  • You can play more bingo games per session which will increase your profits.
  • Great for fast play games!
  • Create some new excitement in your Early Bird, Matinee, Night Owl or Special Bingo Games.
  • Choose from 6 border colors for our Dual Dab bingo paper – Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink and Purple.
  • Available in a 1-3,000 and 3,001-6,000 series.
  • Each Dual Dab sheet measures 8″W x 6.25″H.
  • Due to the unique size, it cannot be collated with standard Capitol Bingo Paper.



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