Bingo House Rules

All games have a set of Bingo House Rules which must be followed exactly in order to be awarded any prizes.Bingo House Rules

These rules are usually posted on signs or may be printed on the bingo program or guide. House Rules are heavily influenced by state and local regulations and vary from game to game. The following rules are for example only but are quite common.

  1. Players must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. A valid admission receipt must be displayed at all times to be eligible for prizes and drawings.
  3. Ink markers must be used on all paper cards except the U-Pik-Em Cards.
  4. No splitting or sharing of packs is permitted.
  5. It is the player’s responsibility to yell bingo loud enough to stop the caller and on the last number called.
  6. Once the caller announces the letter or first number of the next ball, no bingos will be honored and the game will continue.
  7. Once the caller declares the game closed, no other bingos will be honored.
  8. Any bingo cards with defective, duplicate, or altered numbers will be invalid and can be exchanged at no extra cost.
  9. All bingo numbers must be legible to be valid. Dark inks that make numbers to dark to read will invalidate your bingo.
  10. Winnings of $1200 or more are subject to IRS guidelines and you must provide (2) forms of legal identification, preferably a State Drivers license and Social Security Card.
  11. Pull Tabs must be redeemed on the same day of purchase.
  12. In the event of multiple winners, prize money will be split equally.
  13. Where there are multiple winners at different prize levels, the prize will be determined by dividing the total number of winners at all levels into each of the respective winner’s level.
  14. Refunds are at the discretion of management.
  15. As a courtesy to your neighbors, please keep your talking to a minimum.
  16. Program subject to change without notice.
  17. Management reserves the right to cancel or change any program or promotion at any time.