Bingo Equipment

Our full line of bingo equipment ensures that we have just the right product for your specific bingo needs.

From bingo consoles and flashboards to ticket dispensers, we have the solutions and the tools that will help you accomplish great things.

Arrow’s state-of-the-art electronic bingo equipment is the only bingo equipment that has earned both the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approval. Its reliability, high quality, innovative designs and ease of use has made it the most demanded bingo equipment throughout North America.

Bel Air Power Play Bingo Console

PowerPlay Bel Air™, most contemporary bingo console on market.

Power Play 500PL Bingo Console

The POWER PLAY 500 is an affordable, full featured bingo console.

E-max Express Bingo Console

The technically advanced E-max® Express™ is versatile and simple to operate.

E-max Elite Bingo Console

The technically advanced E-max® Elite™ bingo console is the top of the line model in this product group.

Presidential Bingo Console

With its variety of fantastic features, the Presidential Bingo Console is truly a leader among bingo consoles.

Sapphire Bingo Console

The Sapphire Bingo Console is our most popular console in the Bingo King Crown Collection.

Diamond Bingo Console

The Diamond Bingo Console is the crown jewel of the Bingo King console family.

Liberty Bingo Console

The Liberty™ console offers the convenience of portability and easy storage.