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  1. 1
    Arrive Early

    Arrive early to get a good seat and prepare your cards by sorting in the order they will be played. Many players bring a highlighter and outline the pattern on their cards. Further, late arrivals can be distracting to the players around them, particularly if the session has already started.

  2. 2
    Once a Game Starts

    Once a game starts, be courteous and keep talking to a minimum and speak very softly. “Silence is golden” is best during play.

  3. 3
    Sit Close to the Caller

    Sit close to the caller for additional time to mark your cards – you maybe able to see the ball before it is called or placed in front of the camera. Also, announcements may be heard more clearly.

  4. 4
    Most Bingos are Valid on the Last Number Called

    Typically, most bingos are valid on the last number called so WAIT until the number is announced and avoid yelling bingo when the ball is displayed or placed in front the camera. Yell bingo loud and clear as it is your responsibility to stop the caller from calling the next number…or you will forfeit your winning bingo.

  5. 5
    Tip Your Floor Clerks and Bingo Caller

    Tip your floor clerks and bingo caller. They are usually volunteering their time and in many states are prohibited by law from receiving any compensation. Your tips will be greatly appreciated​.