Introduction to Bingo

The Cactus Bingo’s, “Introduction to Bingo” resource provides background information on the changes to Bingo over the last thirty years.

Bingo has changed immensely over the last 30 years and continues to undergo significant changes today.Introduction to Bingo

It is no longer “your grandma’s bingo,” placing beans and chips over numbers in a slow paced environment. Charitable Bingo now has professional and knowledgeable managers whether it is local Catholic Church or a 500 seat commercial style operation. Many games, including Nevada and Native American Casinos, offer luxurious, comfortable, and modern facilities.

Prizes range from a few hundred dollars into the tens of thousands. Membership clubs with rewards programs are common. Games offer free gifts and random drawings on a regular basis. Special events take place on holidays with live entertainment and special meals. Small electronic hand held machines with color screens will play your cards and notify you when you win. Successful bingo operations have evolved into an exciting evening of economical entertainment and a gathering place for friends and acquaintances. encourages anyone that has never considered playing bingo to “Check it Out.”

Bingo can be immensely fun and exciting, particularly when you win.

The information in our BINGO INFO/BINGO SCHOOL will provide you with a solid foundation to experiment and better enjoy an evening of entertainment….playing bingo!