Bingo Seal Cards

Bingo Seal Cards are a type of pull tab that is different in that a few select tickets in the deal inform the player to “keep” or “hold” that ticket for a chance at an additional prize.Bingo Seal Cards

The deal also contains instant winners as described previously. The player that receives a hold ticket is instructed to “sign up” or sign their name on a special seal card board. The board will be located in a secure area of the facility under the supervision of a manager. This board will have a predetermined number of signature lines that corresponds to the number of “sign up” tickets in the deal, 12 lines for example. Once the entire deal is sold and all 12 players have signed the card, a seal is removed or a perforated tab is pulled from the board. This reveals the line number of one of the names and this player wins the additional prize printed on the seal card and board.