Bingo Jackpot Games & Bingo Special Games

This resource will give you a detailed list of choices for Bingo Special Games and Bingo Jackpot Games that you can incorporate into your bingo events.

Progressive Bingo Jackpot GamesBingo Special Games and Bingo Jackpot Games

This type of bingo game offers a large “jackpot” if the player achieves bingo in a specified number of balls called. If the jackpot is not won, a smaller “consolation” prize is awarded. The jackpot amount, the number of balls called, or both may be increased each time the jackpot is NOT won. For example, a prize of $1000 is awarded if a coverall is completed in 48 numbers or less. A consolation prize of $250 is won if the bingo occurs in 49 numbers or more. The next time the game is played after a consolation prize is won, the jackpot amount will increase
(grows) to $1100 and the number of balls called to win the jackpot is increased to 49 numbers.

Similar jackpots can be offered on other patterns such as a Letter X in 20 numbers or less or a Large Picture Frame in 44 numbers or less. Any of the following games can be a progressive type jackpot.

Fixed Number Bingo Jackpot Games

A fixed number jackpot is won when a specified number of balls called is required to win the jackpot and the number of calls remains constant. A smaller consolation prize is awarded when the jackpot is NOT won. Many games offer multiple consolation prizes as the number of balls called increases. The following format is a common method of play:

Coverall in 48 numbers or less pays… $1000
49 numbers………………. $ 500
50 numbers………………. $ 250
Consolation………………. $ 100

Occasionally a game will offer this jackpot and grow the jackpot amount (dollars) each time the jackpot is not won, but the number of calls remains constant.

Multi Part Games (“Continuous” Or “On The Way Games”)

This game or series of games are unique in that 2, 3, or more games are played on the same sheet of paper. Normally, a bingo sheet is discarded after each game is verified and the caller declares the game “closed”. In this case, the winner on part one of the games is verified and closed.  The caller then begins to call balls once again until there is a winner on part two. This continues until all parts of the game are completed. The sheet is discarded after all parts are completed. For example, part one may be a single straight line followed by two straight lines and “continues on” to a coverall.

Bonanza Bingo Jackpot Games

This jackpot game is played as a coverall in 48 numbers or less and sold (for $1 for example) through out the session. Cards may be purchased at any time and as many times as desired prior to the actual start of the game. It is typically played late in the session. Bonanza cards are folded and sealed for security purposes and must be opened prior to marking. The bingo hall usually has special Bonanza Flashboards used exclusively for this jackpot. The first 45 Bonanza numbers (approximate) are called and displayed on the Bonanza Boards before the start of any Early Bird or Warm Up game. Players purchase cards from floor clerks and open and mark their numbers immediately. Many games allow the trade in of any card that a player is dissatisfied with, along with another $1, and receive two additional cards. A player may trade in cards as many times as desired.

Sales will be discontinued (closed) a game or two prior to the “restart” of the Bonanza game. The caller will begin calling balls, where he left off (the 1st 45 numbers), and call 3 more numbers for the 48 number jackpot. He/she will ask if there are any bingo’s in 48 numbers, and if none, will continue to call additional numbers until there is a consolation winner.

U – PIK – EM (Do It Yourself, Do – It)

Do – Its are bingo’s version of a lottery. Players write in their own numbers on a 2– part NCR Form. Some forms have all 75 numbers printed on them and the numbers selected are simply circled. Selecting either seven or eight numbers are the most common forms. This game is sold similar to Bonanza in that the sheets are sold early and throughout the session with the game being played later in the session. This allows for time to select numbers and for multiple purchases.

The white or top copy, once completed, is deposited in a lock box usually located at the end of the row of tables where seated. Players keep the yellow copy and play from this copy. U-Pik-em games are one game of bingo whereby the use of an ink marker is not allowed. This could make the numbers “wash out” or prevent them from being seen clearly, therefore a ball point pen is usually required. A checkmark can be made next to each number called that appears on each card. The white copy will be removed from the lock box and compared with the yellow copy to verify all winning cards.

A consolation prize is awarded unless all 7 or 8 numbers are marked in the first 17 or 20 numbers called, respectively.

4 Corner Jackpot Bingo Jackpot Games

This is the same as a fixed number or progressive coverall jackpot except that the 4 corners on each card are also considered free spaces. Players need only cover 20 of the 24 numbers on each card, usually in 48 numbers called or less.

G Ball Jackpot Bingo Jackpot Games

The number of balls called in order to win this coverall jackpot is determined by the first G ball to be announced (46 – 60). Players must bingo in exactly that number of calls in order to win the jackpot as opposed to a specified number of calls (or less). For example, if G-53 if the first G ball number called (the “target number”), a player must have a coverall on exactly the 53rd number called. There are two different consolation prizes. A larger consolation prize is awarded if the bingo occurs in less than the target number and a smaller prize is paid if the
bingo occurs after the target number.

Starburst Jackpot Bingo Jackpot Games

One number on each card has a star or a “burst” around it. A larger prize is won when the last number called matches the number with the star. An intermediate prize may be offered if the star is within or part of the pattern being played.

Pick – A – Pet

The winner of this special does not win a preset jackpot amount but instead chooses from an assortment of stuffed animals (or other merchandise) on display. Each item on display has a corresponding envelope attached to it which contains a prize amount printed inside. Usually one envelope has a grand prize amount. Players win the amount printed in the envelope plus the stuffed animal or item on display.

Dual Dab (Double Action)

Each bingo card has two numbers printed in each square, so there are actually 48 numbers on these cards. It is played allowing players to mark either number in each square. That particular square is considered marked for the specified pattern when either number has been called. In other words, when one is marked, both are considered marked.