Sunspot Bingo Paper

Sunspot is designed to allow for a number of different exciting ways to be played, including special jackpots.

Find out a few variations here and you can be creative and design your own special game.


Sunspot Bingo Paper

Played as a CoverallSunspot Bingo Paper

  • Bingo on the Sunspot in 50 #’s or Less: Pays Jackpot
  • Bingo on a White Spot in 54#’s or Less: Pays a smaller jackpot
  • Bingo on White or Orange in 55#’s or more: Pays a consolation

Played as a Crazy T, Crazy L or a Large Picture Frame

  • Bingo last number called on the Sunspot: Pays Jackpot!
  • Bingo last number called on the White Hot Spots: Pays a bonus
  • Bingo on the Orange: Pays consolation prize


The sun will be randomly placed on one of the 6 white squares that are on each card.

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