Starburst Bingo Paper

  • Capitol Starburts Bingo Paper

Bingo with an innovative twist: the only random starburst in the industry!


Only random Starburst in the industry!

Starburst bingo paper is bingo with an innovative twist! Each bingo face on the 3 ON V cut shown has a Starburst randomly printed on one of the 24 squares. With unlimited ways to play ranging from a bonus prize for a bingo on a star, to an extra free space or wild number, Starburst is sure to be a big hit at your game.

Ways to Play Starburst Bingo Paper:

Available in 1-9,000 36S and 9,001-18,000 36S series.

  • Bonus Prize: Award a larger prize if a player bingos on a star. The bonus will be won on average in 1 out of 24 games played (4.2% of the time).
  • Use the Starburst as a second free space.
  • Award a bonus prize if a player covers all 3 starbursts on a 3 ON V in the first 3 numbers called. The game continues until there is a winner on the game pattern being played. On average, only 1 sheet in 67,525 sold will win the bonus.

Starburst can be collated into books for regular and special games with Capitol paper or Quick-Dab™ Pattern Paper.

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