Double Action Bingo Paper

Double Action is simple to play – just say “EITHER NUMBER CALLED, MARK THE SQUARE” and play the patterns you normally use.


Double Action Bingo Paper is the most popular specialty game in the industry. Fast play = more games; increased games x more sales = bigger profits!

Daubing one of the two numbers in each square validates that square.  Double the action twice the fun.


Double Action Bingo Paper Features

  • Plays 55% faster than your regular games – gives your early bird game new excitement
  • Available as loose specials or collated into booklets
  • 48 large, easy to read numbers on each card
  • Actual face size: 8” x 6 1/4”

Custom Double Action Packs

  • We offer all 7 colors in a 1-3000 series and can collate any custom paper pack or booklet you need.

Double Action Bingo Paper SeriesDouble Action Bingo Paper Colors

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