Capitol Custom Collated Bingo Paper

Create your own custom sequence of colors with 30 different colors to choose from in 6 unique series from card number 1 through 54,000. (always manufactured in groups of 9000).


Custom Collations


Capitol Bingo PaperCactus Bingo operates a full-line finishing plant, converting giant 36 card bingo sheets into custom or “made to order” Packs or Paper Booklets.

A huge variety of Capitol, Champion, Barber Pole, Starburst,  “Quick Dab” pre-print pattern paper and Double Action are always available and ready to ship.  Most orders ship within 48 hours.

Cactus can mix or match many of the different types of paper mentioned above and can cut any pack or booklet into a 1,2,3,4,6,9 or 18 cards per sheet. You can request multiple cuts to an order for packs, cutting 2 boxes a certain way and cutting another box completely different. Cactus can also “crop or clip” the corners of packs for a manager’s identification of a price point or prize level.

These abilities set us apart from our competitors by being able to manufacture nearly any imaginable paper booklet … and provide it fast.


Capitol Custom Collated Bingo Paper Features

  • Capitol Paper: 1-54,000 series , 30 colors
  • Champion Paper: 1-27,000 series, 25 colors
  • Barber Pole:27001-36,000 series , 11 colors
  • Starbust: 1-9000 or 9001-18000 series, 10 colors
  • Quick Dab Preprint Pattern: 1-9000 or 9001-18000, 15 different patterns
  • Double Action: 1-3000 series, 7 colors

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